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Greater Hopes operates a full service Child Placing Agency. We are licensed by the State of Michigan to perform private infant and early childhood adoption.

License # CB410252631

Private Infant & Early Childhood Adoption

The adoptions Greater Hopes do are ones that do not involve a removal of a child from their birth families. Referred to as a direct placement adoption, it involves a birth parent following a legal procedure, selecting an adoptive family, that allows the direct placement of the child. The parties work to improve the life of the child together.

what are the things that make greater hopes unique?

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We believe in starting to work on your Home Study THE VERY FIRST DAY you apply. We are also able to expedite Home Studies when requested.

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Placing Parent Matching Services

Many times there will be an opportunity to get to know your potential birth parents before placement. Your adoption professional will be there, right by your side, to help that process along.

No. 5

The Legal Process

The legal process can be the most complex part of an adoption, taking many paths depending on many unique factors. With our extensive experience, our team is uniquely qualified to handle the legal issues that may arise.

No. 2


Greater Hopes is a community of Adoptive Families and Friends. We have ongoing support and activities groups to help during your adoption process.


Birth Father Services

Engaging and involving the birth father is an important part of the adoption process. We work very hard at this, starting early on, to ensure that the father's rights are properly addressed so that everything goes smoothly.


Continuing Community

Your life-long adoption journey is still just beginning when your adoption is finalized. We are here for you if you run into issues and to help with your on-going relationship with your child's birth parents. All at no cost.


more than an adoption agency

Greater Hopes is unique in West Michigan in that we not only operate a Full Services Child Placing Agency, but we also operate a Family Services Organization dedicated to mothers and children in need. Many of the moms we work with who become adoption minded only want to make an adoption plan with a Michigan family.

From A Birth Mom

What just one of our birth mothers has to say about us.

Greater Hopes helped me in ways that I didn’t think an adoption agency could. They took care of me so well, just like I was family. I felt supported and loved, and they were always there when I needed them. They have such a great support system and a real love for each birth family, and how birth families can heal!

During a difficult time in a single mom’s life of needing to place her child for adoption there will be a lot of sadness. But what I just wrote didn’t sound like a sad story did it? Because it’s not. Greater Hopes made me feel better in a situation where it can be heartbreaking. 




fam·i·ly /ˈfam(ə)lē/ /ˈfæm(ə)li/
A group of people who are related to each other, such as a mother, a father, and their children.

greater hopes' definition:

fam·i·ly /ˈfam(ə)lē/ /ˈfæm(ə)li/
action verb
Family is what you actively do and what you make it. We have families that start as a Single Person, a Husband and a Wife, a Husband and a Husband or a Wife and a Wife. No two families look exactly the same, they are all unique. And this is precisely what our birth mothers want and need. 

What does family look like in an open adoption?

Open adoptions are created by birth families and adoptive families together, with the best interest of the child at heart. Adoptive and birth families work together to plan a relationship that goes beyond the placement of their child; this relationship is ongoing and involves different kinds of contact with each other. This contact with the birth family allows children to grow up with a full awareness of the love that went into their adoption plan. Through openness, children grow up without secrets and with knowledge and information about their birth family.

Learn all about open adoption by joining us for our free adoption talk for families

We will discuss the most common questions and fears about open adoption.

The most common questions about adoption

The most common fears about open adoption

Join us for our free adoption talk for families

We will discuss all of the above and answer any questions you may have

We will share stories and experiences from our work with birth mothers and birth fathers. We will talk about insights we have gained into how they feel about their adoption journey and what they hope for in their adoption relationship.

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What Greater Hopes Families Are Saying


Greater Hopes has completely changed our family forever. We have loved every minute of working with them since they make you feel so welcome and part of their family.


I contacted Cathy with some questions about foster care / adoption. I expected to make an appointment, but Cathy answered all my questions over the phone, all for free.


My husband and I have truly enjoyed our time with Greater Hopes. What drew us to this agency is their hospitality. The minute we walked in the door, they knew who we were.

We are very fortunate to have the most experienced team in the legal aspects of adoption

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(616) 451-0245
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