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Friends and family mean everything to me. They are with me on this journey from step one, and I even asked them to help me write this profile! 🙂  One friend thought I should share details of joining the local Komen Foundation to support a friend’s journey after surviving breast cancer.

I drove 15 hours to watch my nephew’s graduation from military bootcamp.

My niece mentioned memories of taking her to Chicago for the first time and going to Universal Studios a few years ago. Almost three years ago, I drove 15 hours to watch my nephew’s graduation from military bootcamp.

On my drive home, I stopped in Virginia to spend time with my older niece. I was fortunate to be present for the birth of my great niece while I was there. My family and friends are a consistent priority in my life.

my adoption hopes

Gender:Any Gender, including an Ambiguous or Transitioning Gender Child
Ethnicities:American Indian or Alaska Native, Asian, Caucasian or White, Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, Hispanic or Latino, 
Age:Newborn to 12 Months
Total of:1 Child

a snapshot of me

I Live In:Kentwood
My Faith:Christian
Pets:No Pets
Kids Already:No Children Now
Child Care:Friend Provided Child Care, 
I love nature and appreciate walks at parks or the beach.

My Relaxation & Fun

I enjoy everyday opportunities to socialize with friends, coworkers and family. We engage in traveling, visiting museums, theaters and special events.

At home, I enjoy baking, cooking and entertaining friends. I relax watching movies, reading and doing home improvement projects. Weekend activities often include golfing, tubing, kayaking or road trips.

I love nature and appreciate walks at parks or the beach. I also use every opportunity to travel. My child will have an active social life and opportunities to explore various activities and the United States.

My Family & Friends

Most of my close friends have young children, which I am actively involved with. We enjoy play dates including coloring, Legos, movies, games, or outings. Lately, we have appreciated the beach and Children’s Museum. I look forward to sharing these experiences with a child and you.

I have always loved playing the role of favorite aunt to my nieces, nephews, and friends’ children. Luckily, the majority of them live within an hour drive of my home. Since both of my nieces and oldest sister reside in different states, I often travel to spend quality time with them and their families.

My family gathers for holidays and special events throughout the year. We enjoy cookouts, boating, hiking, shopping and watching sporting events.

I look forward to sharing these experiences with a child and you.
I live in a quiet community full of trees and walking paths.

My Home & Neighborhood

I live in a quiet community full of trees and walking paths. My home is a clean two-bedroom, three- bathroom townhouse style condo. Neighbors include young families to retirees.

I reside in Kentwood with easy access to all sections of Grand Rapids and a short drive to most of my friends and family. Kentwood offers a great school system.

The neutral nursery is ready to be decorated with vibrant colors for a bundle of joy. My friends have already given me gifts: clothes, bedding, and toys to welcome a baby into my home.

My Views

Education is an important part of life. I believe education helps us to improve ourselves and the world around us. We often develop social skills and friendships throughout our academic career. I live in a diverse school district with ample academic and extra curricular activities.

As a therapist, I have been fortunate to have spent many years learning the varying discipline styles of the parents I have come to know and respect.

Together, we have worked to hone their approach with their children, and I have felt honored to share in their success. Over the years, I have been able to reflect on what resonates with me and cultivate a relationship with my own parenting style.

I see myself as someone who values consistency with my child. Consistency can promote healthy expectations and form a solid foundation when it comes to communication norms between a parent and child. I want my child to know where I stand on any given issue that may arise, in order for them to ask questions and feel safe learning their own thoughts and opinions.

Of course, when it comes to discipline, consistency is important, as when children are not certain what is expected of them, the effectiveness of the discipline is lost and resentment ensues. As I discipline my child, I will want to communicate very clearly my reasoning and the punishment.

If my child decides at some point to question the expectations or punishment, I will invite the conversation to take place in a respectful manner, allowing the resolution to feel understood and honored. A few of the parenting programs I have learned include 123 Magic, Love & Logic and Positive Discipline.

As a child, I attended weekly church services and Sunday school at a Methodist church. I was baptized before the age of one. Over the years, I have attended services at Catholic and Non-denominational churches. I am a Christian and occasionally participate in religious activities.

Together, we have worked to hone their approach with their children, and I have felt honored to share in their success.
...hearing each one of their life story.

My Career

I am a psychotherapist at a local private practice. My days consist of meeting with various individuals and hearing each one of their life story. Through the training I have received, I am to formulate a personalized treatment approach for each individual.

We work together to accomplish their goals. What I enjoy most about my job is joining each person on their journey of improving their mental well-being while witnessing the growth that ensues.

I am grateful for a job that allows me to formulate my schedule based on evolving life circumstances. My typical work week consists of thirty hours. I have the capability of seeing clients in-person and virtually.

This allows me to work from home as needed. A close friend, who is also a mother, will provide care for my child while I am working in the office. I will be providing compensation for the time my child is in the care of my friend.

I just want to say

It is with incredible love in my heart that I write this letter. Thank you for taking the time to look at my adoption profile and getting to know me a little better. Although, we do not know each other yet, it is my hope I will be able to expand my family to include a newborn child and you.

I acknowledge this is a huge decision in your life, and I am humbled by the fact you are considering this journey. With the strong support of my family and friends, I am excited and hopeful to someday to provide a loving home to a child, which will include open communication about his/her adoption story. After years of trying to conceive, the pain and confusion brought me to a place of vulnerability I had not experienced. Out of that place, the call to adoption became truly clear. I am thrilled to become a parent the way I was intended to, through adoption.

My child will receive unconditional love, emotional and financial support, a safe and stable home with a good education. I honor whatever decision you choose to make for your child and pray you find peace in it.



more info

Year of Birth:    1974
Education:       Masters degree in Counseling Psychology
Occupation:    Psychotherapist
(616) 451-0245
(616) 451-0245
Greater Hopes
2453 28th Street SW
Wyoming, MI 49519