Matt & Lisa

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Matt & Lisa

How we became known as the “most peaceful parents.”

Our son, Owen, has a bleeding disorder (Hemophilia) and we’ve had appointments with his hematologist every three to six months since he was born. Hemophilia can be very stressful, especially when Owen was a toddler, as our greatest concern was a head injury.

We were meeting a new nurse and were introduced as their most peaceful parents.

We prayed, we trusted God, and we did our best to not overreact so that Owen could live life carefully, but confidently. During one of his visits, we were meeting a new nurse and were introduced as their “most peaceful parents”. It meant a lot to us to know that people could see the peace that God was giving us.

our adoption hopes

Gender:A Boy or A Girl
Ethnicities:Any Race and Ethnicity
Age:Newborn to 2 Years Old
Total of:1 to 2 Children

a snapshot of us

We Live In:Kalamazoo
Our Faith:Christian
Kids Already:One Child Now
Child Care:Stay-at-Home Parent

Our Story

We met in the fall of 2001 and were married in September of 2002. We are still best friends! We work very well together as a team and value forgiveness and grace in our marriage.

We have shared dreams of a larger family, our children knowing how loved they are, financial resources to help those in need, and becoming everything we were created to be.

We are still best friends!
We like going out for ice cream at our favorite local spot...

Our Relaxation & Fun

We enjoy spending time as a family, going on vacations, swimming, going on bike rides, and taking our son to car shows. We like doing projects around the house, playing games, family movie night, going out for ice cream at our favorite local spot, and playing with our dog, Ruby.

Our Family & Friends

We have strong relationships with each of our families and get to be present in each other’s lives on a regular basis. We support each other, celebrate birthdays and holidays, and often take family vacations together.

Friendships are essential to us, and we are thankful for their presence in our lives. We have a trusted core group of friends that encourage us and just make life more fun.

We have a trusted core group of friends that encourage us and just make life more fun.
Our property provides us the ability to enjoy nature to its fullest...

Our Home & Neighborhood

Our home is in a rural area, situated on about three acres of rolling land. We live in a very diverse area with many opportunities for enrichment, whether through faith-based organizations, the arts, nature, recreation or dining.

Our property provides us the ability to enjoy nature to its fullest, whether swimming, playing catch, hitting golf balls, riding bikes, throwing horseshoes, or bird watching. We plan to be here for a minimum of ten years.

If we ever decide to move, we would want to stay in the same general area.

Our Views

Our faith in God is at the center of everything we do. We believe that as Christians, we have the responsibility to love people.

Whether we are meeting with our church family, raising children at home, going to work, or grocery shopping, we have the opportunity of loving the people around us well. We live with great peace, knowing that we are never alone.

We are passionate about education. Homeschooling has given us the opportunity to seek out an excellent education and also place a greater focus on interests that Owen is wired for. We believe in providing our children with every opportunity to follow their dreams.

We have been part of an organization that meets in local communities all around the country (and other countries) for several years. We have classes one day per week and students work at home, using the same curriculum, the other four days.

We have endless opportunities available to us in addition to our curriculum including field trips, music and dance lessons, sports teams, art classes, horseback riding, robotics, etc. It’s pretty amazing!

We believe in parenting/disciplining from a position of love. Our desire as parents is that our children would make decisions based on what is important to us and what we have taught them.

We want to be the safest place for our children to come and we want them to make good decisions because that’s who they are, not just because they are trying to avoid punishment. While obedience is important, our priority is relationship.

We empower our son to make choices, and help him deal with the consequences of those choices, without ruining our connection and trust. We believe that physical punishment does ruin that connection and punishment in general does not deal with the issue that led to the mistake in the first place. We’ve learned from experience! This perspective changed our family dynamic in a very positive way.

We believe that as Christians, we have the responsibility to love people.
It is incredibly fulfilling to meet objectives through finding creative solutions.

Matt's Career

The aspect of my role that I find the most enjoyable is the variability from day to day. I work in a very dynamic industry which lends itself to daily challenges and the ability to make a positive impact for both our business and our customers.

Our primary objective is “Service Unrivaled” and it is incredibly fulfilling to meet that objective through finding creative solutions and improvements.

I will continue to work full time for my current employer, where I have been employed for 23 years. I am home each evening and weekends where I play an active role in our family.

Lisa's Career

My first and favorite job has been staying home with Owen and providing a secure place for him to grow up. I’m a homebody! It brings me a lot of joy to be at home, taking care of our house, and making it a comfortable place to be.

I began homeschooling when Owen was four years old. It has its challenges, but it’s the best decision we’ve ever made! Helping him learn, and redeeming my own education in the process, has been extremely rewarding.

I am also a contracted tutor for our home school cooperative. We meet for classes one day each week where I currently lead a group of 9th graders in seven subjects. My role is to be a lead learner, encourage students, and support families. I’ve found that they encourage and support me just as much!

My plans and position will stay the same, following a placement. Nursery care is provided while I tutor once a week, at the same location. I can stop in anytime!

My first and favorite job has been staying home with Owen.
We just want to say

Our desire to pursue adoption was put in our hearts on the same day. I (Lisa) prayed for a baby one Sunday morning. We always knew we wanted more children, but it wasn’t happening, and it had been awhile since we had even discussed it. Matt came home later that day, wishing for the same thing. We decided right then that we wanted to adopt.

We may not know who you are yet, but we pray for you. I was pregnant, for the first time, and miscarried, at age seventeen. Our stories may be very different, but I do know what it’s like to be pregnant at a time when I wasn’t able to be a mom. My heart goes out to you for this big decision you are facing.

You are brave, and strong, and loved. Your child will also be loved unconditionally. It is our desire that your child would love both his or her adoptive family and birth family. We pray that you would experience grace and peace in this season of your life and know that your great love will never be forgotten.





Year of Birth:  1974
Education:      High School and some college
Occupation:   Senior Logistics Specialist


Year of Birth:  1977
Education:      High school and some college
Occupation:   Stay At Home Mom/Homeschool Teacher/Tutor

Things we are open to in our relationship with you

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