Adoption Profile Guide
Our Recommendations For Your Best Online Profile

Tips For Your Online Profile


Keep It Short And Relevant

Our analytics show that the vast majority of potential placing parents are viewing our website from a mobile device. If what you write for each section is more that 220 words, it will take the viewer more than 5 swipes to get through your content and they may lose interest and move on.


Make Every Word Count

Make sure that you are saying something unique about you. Something that is not the same for the majority of other families.


What is Your Perspective

Frame what you say so that you are talking about what you have to offer the child, not about how the child is going to fulfill a need or desire in your life.


Who Are You Writing For?

Let your personality shine through with every word you use. Remember you are writing this to show a Placing Parent who you are. Do not worry about what your parents, friends, or coworkers might think. You are not writing it for them! Don't worry about using perfect grammar or choosing that perfectly posed photo. Only be concerned with the fact that you want the Placing Parent who reads your profile to know something about you and your personaily and be able to remember you after they leave your page.


Don't Be Forgettable.

We will pick out the most interesting, intriguing quote for each of your profile sections. We have had families who wish to change these quotes to something less memorable. We will of course do this at your request. We urge you however to not be forgettable. Give Placing Parents a reason to stop scrolling and to be interested in your story.


The First 17

The first seventeen words of your anecdote or story show in the box under your photo on our Available Families page. Make them interesting and attention grabbing!


Your Home and Neighborhood

The key thing to remember for this section is that it is not a real estate listing. Talk about the things that make your home and neighborhood good for a child.


How Would a Birth Mother Fit Into Your Family?

In this section speak directly to the placing mother. Tell her in detail what you imagine your relationship with her and her family might look like.


Let Them See Your Eyes.

We have a significant number of families who submit photos in which you cannot see their eyes because they are wearing sun glasses. The eyes are the windows of the soul. So, let them see your eyes!


Don't Make Them Guess.

Make sure you identify your relationship to any children you are with in your photos. Don't make Placing Parents guess at who these children are to you. Do this by naming the photo with this information.


No Third Person

Please do not refer to yourself in the third person. Speak directly to potential placing parents. Let them know that it is you talking directly to them!


By The Numbers

If you want your gallery photos to appear in a specific order, number them in the reverse order you want them shown. For example, the last photo would be o1 description, 02 description, o3 description, etc.


Read All Instructions and Directions.

There are important directions and instructions on the profile submission forms. Make sure you're reading them through thuroghly.